About Us


Hi, glad you're here! This is the part where you want to know more about the company right? well alright let's dive in :)

I founded Juice PLNT in August of 2020 with a strong passion for juicing + the hopes of joining people on their own wellness journey whether they are just starting or have been on this adventure for quite some time now.

One thing I did enjoy about 2020 (although it was crazy!) is it had given me the chance to actually slow down, put things into perspective and to be brave even when I thought I couldn't. Without a year like that one I don't think I would of had the courage to venture out on my own so for that I am very grateful! I am excited to take this on and build this community with you all so stay awhile + get PLNTed.

Here at Juice PLNT we want fueling your body to be fun and more importantly feel amazing! Who said you can't enjoy fruits + veggies?! The simple answer is you can and we are looking forward to sharing that experience with you! Overall juicing, eating clean + excerising might sound easy, but let's be real–it isn't! With busy schedules, we know that often times the first thing that gets neglected is your health (we are guilty of this too!) so let's change that.

Juice PLNT is able to help make juicing + treating your body well as easy as it gets. Not only do we want you to enjoy what you are putting into your body but we also want to help educate you on all the benefits these beautiful earthy ingredients have to offer us! Taking care of yourself shouldn't be complicated and we believe you are what you eat + drink. With that being said, we are able to offer all natural, freshly made cold-pressed juices + refreshers delivered directly to your doorstep.

Thank you for your support + please know it is truly appreciated!