Why do you use plastic bottles?

  • As a company operated solely online one of our biggest priorities is making sure your drinks arrive to you safely and ready to be enjoyed. With that being said we are aware how fragile glass bottles can be when shipping and we would hate for anyone to recieve their drinks damaged so we landed on plastic BPA free bottles for this reason. We do cut out plastic otherwise during the storage process of the fruits and veggies before they are juiced and always strive to not overbuy on our fresh produce or bottles to avoid any extra waste.

How are the drinks shipped?

  • All drinks are always made fresh to order and immediately after juicing are chilled and frozen. Once completely frozen they are shipped out directly the next day with several ice packs in an insulated deluxe lined box.

Do you ship to the West and Pacific Coast?

  • We do! :) Currently we offer our 3 packs that can be shipped nationwide within 2 business days. You can find them under our PLNT Packs.  

    Keeping the customer in mind, we are aware the shipping costs for overnight and 2-day shipping to any of the states not on the East Coast can be extremely costly. With that being said, we are working to offer economical shipping along the West and Pacific coast for larger quantity orders (6-12 packs) soon. Hang tight! 

Why do you only offer Overnight and 2-Day Shipping?

  • With the drinks being cold-pressed and perishable we strongly recommend our overnight shipping option. However, all orders are shipped out frozen, packed securely with ice packs and stored in a deluxe insulated lined box. They will arrive chilled, defrosted and should be refridgerated once received. 

How long do the drinks last for?

  • We recommend enjoying the drinks within 3 days to receive the most nutrients and benefits. However, the juices can last 3-5 days as they are Cold-Pressed. 

Are the drinks organic?

  • Although we do strive to use all organic ingredients and support our local farmers when we can, we are currently not USDA Certified Organic.